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About Us

We Help Contemporary Homes Become Modrn

Modrngy was founded in 2020 by two siblings whose mission is to elevate modern home aesthetics to new heights inspired by simplicity (or minimalism). This family business was established to provide customers with quality home goods at an unmatched cost right to your door. In addition to our unique business model of curating products, we are committed to adding new designs. Our focus is to turn your home into a living space that frees your mind and soul. Our pieces are designed to best fit your modern architecture aesthetics featuring sleek lines, calming shades, and simple geometric shapes. 
Our philosophy depends on customer feedback which allows us to remain vigilant in what we offer. Based in Houston, Modrngy’s presence is online and committed to offering you the best quality and pricing.

We Modrnize Your Home

Our love for home decor, design and chicness is what got us here. We found that a lot of homes lacked the minimalistic yet modern and elegant looks, so we're here to help make it happen! We make sure that anything that is designed and offered within our store matches that criteria to give your home a unique, extravagant and minimalistic look. 

Quality over quantity

We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards for you and your home. There aren’t many high-quality home pieces being offered at a reasonable price. So, we decided to change that. Each of our pieces starts with raw materials imported from across the globe. Transformed by talented craftsmen, our products become special pieces in your home that are then carefully inspected to fit our quality standards. With our vision to maximize your living space we strive to maintain quality in each of our pieces or your money back guaranteed.